Ceramic Pie plate 9"

Made in Canada
Made Resistant
No Waste

Never serve a pie in a tin foil pan again with this elegant black ceramic pie plate. Crafted with the utmost care by talented artisans in Canada, this tart pan will easily hold up to years and years of use for even the most avid piemaker.

The perfectly black motif is both elegant and timeless, adding a simple yet unique flair to your table presentation. Whether serving dessert pies like apple or peach or showing off your favorite chicken pot pie recipe, this handmade 9″ ceramic pie plate is a gorgeous way to do it. Turn heads with this elegant piece and take your dinner parties to a whole new level!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kate M Dec 11, 2020 

Love it ! Way better than my old aluminium plates

  • Hand-turned ceramic
  • Made in Montreal 
  • Diswasher safe
  • Reusable tart pan
  • Elegant and resistant
  • Dimension: Diameter 9″ height 1.75
  • This ceramic pie plate is ethically made in Canada
  • 100% Ceramic
  • Hand wash
Creativity and beauty made in Montreal

Located in Montreal, the pair that handmake our glass maple syrup jar, oil bottle, and ceramic pie plate have the perfect background for their craft. One studied glass blowing and the other studied ceramic. Together they spend months fashioning each new collection which encompasses a range of products. From there they build a prototype and often create a mold for the blown glass. 

To them, an artisanal product is one that bears the mark of human intervention. They use a mold to create many of the pieces (such as our oiler and syrup bottle) and make them similar, but no two will ever be exactly the same because of the handmade aspect. Partners in business as well as life, the pair have two beautiful children together.

The process of handblown glass making

The raw materials of silica (a natural substance from sand), lime, and recycled clear glass are first mixed and heated in a furnace of 2200° F. Once the glass melts into a red hot liquid, the glassblower gathers it into a rounded mass, called a blob, on the end of a steel blowpipe. A team of artisans then work together to create each unique piece. They manipulate the glass with tools, add colors and textures, and blow short puffs of air through the blowpipe to create the desired shape. 

While they work, they repeatedly place it into a smaller furnace to keep the piece above 1000° F. It if cools too much, it loses malleability. When finished, the piece is allowed to slowly cool over hours in a kiln to prevent cracking. This is how our oil bottle, syrup bottle and drinkware are made!

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