Italian Grain-Based and Plastic-Free "Leather" LA Designer Handbag

Made in U.S.A
Recycled Materials

Ready to make a statement with your sustainable fashion? This mini bucket with a cinch top is the perfect way to do it! The short strap makes it easy to grab and carry as a handbag, while the removable long strap is great for tossing it over your shoulder. Fill this baby up with your favorite necessities because despite it’s petite size, it can hold plenty of trinkets.

The best part? No animals were harmed or killed in making this soft, luscious “leather” bag. Instead, it is handmade from an innovative material made from recycled plastic that emulated real leather incredibly well. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, that is, look chic and trendy without a single animal having to die.

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  • Made from Italian biopolyoil "leather" body (grain-based and plastic-free)
  • 90% recycled materials 
  • Handmade in Los Angeles
  • Vegan
  • Dimension: 5” diameter, 9” height
  • 5” arm strap drop and 22" detachable shoulder strap drop 
  • Drawstring cinch closure 
  • One interior slide pocket
  • Country of origin: U.S.
  • Italian biopolyoil "leather" body (grain-based and plastic-free)
  • Recycled plastic / organic cotton twill blend lining
  • Recycled plastic thread
  • Recycled cotton label
  • Vegan adhesive
Handbags made of the finest and most innovative recycled materials in the world

Fashionable, eco-conscious, ethical, free of animal cruelty, the maker of these stylish handbags wanted to create a brand that was all this and more. So that’s exactly what she did! Her brand is innovative, not only in style but also in looking for ways to minimize its impact on the environment. All materials, down to the 100% recycled PET thread are taken into consideration. Every material must be vegan, eco-friendly, and sourced from a factory with high standards and ethical practices. 

The handbags are locally made in California in a fair wage factory in small batches. This ensures that every piece is of superb quality as well as cuts down on waste from unwanted inventory. Finally, all shipping and packing materials are post-consumer recycled and recyclable.

Handbags without the animal cruelty, pollution and toxic chemical exposure of the leather industry

The maker of these exquisite handbags started out in the fashion industry. Interested in a variety of creative pursuits such as ceramics and weaving, she was always attending workshops to learn new techniques. To that end, she spent a year of Saturdays studying hand leather work in San Francisco under Hermès master artisan Beatrice Amblard.

She loved the work, but the animal cruelty and negative environmental impact of leatherwork started getting to her. She decided it was time to take her new skills and strike out on her own. She sees a lot of potential in the world of vegan leather and accessories and has started making her own impact with these stunning and long-lasting handbags.

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