Handmade and Durable Items from the Hands of a True Artist

Handmade and Durable Items from the Hands of a True Artist

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Handmade and Durable Items from the Hands of a True Artist

What is an artisan?

The word itself comes from the French and Italian words meaning a skilled craftsperson who makes things by hand. But even more than that, a true artisan puts their heart and soul into the items they create. In other words, a true artisan is an artist at their core and is crafting works of art.

When you buy everyday products from an artisan, you get to enjoy a little piece of art every time you use them.

Keep reading to learn all about the fantastic benefits of buying and using artisanal products.

Exceptional Quality Caroline Perron Photography

Exceptional Quality

An artisan doesn’t buy the cheapest raw materials they can find. They’re pouring their passion, their art into the piece they’re creating. They’re looking to make something that someone will enjoy using for decades.

For that reason, they will choose the organic cotton, the most durable bamboo, and the most gorgeous bit of finished walnut. From there they will sculpt, mold, carve, form, paint, or whatever it takes to transform the raw materials into a usable work of art. 

75% of our products are handmade by artisans who follow this process. The other 25% includes our 100% natural cleaning products collection, our non-toxic nail polish collection, our bamboo toothbrush and natural shampoo and conditioner bar. 100% of our products are high-quality products that you can count on to last for years.



For too long, our disposable culture has been buying up cheap items that fall apart too quickly. And where do they go when they’re no longer of use? Straight to the landfills — or the oceans. 

Did you know that the ocean already contains approximately 150 million metric tons of plastic? We keep adding to it by a rate of 8 million metric tons per year. There are over 320 million people in the US. Can you imagine how much plastic we could save if everyone worked to eliminate even a tiny bit of plastic from their lives? 

We’re doing our part by offering 97% plastic-free products. We also choose environmentally-conscious vendors who actively work to avoid waste and use less water during their manufacturing process. Go green and sustainable to help promote a pollution-free Earth and keep her green and beautiful for future generations.

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Support Your Neighbors

Our market is North America so 100% of our products are sold here. To that end, we are proud to source 80% of our products from North America (US, Canada, Mexico). That means when you purchase products from us, you’re supporting your neighbors and not some random country halfway around the world.

Investing in your local economy is investing in your local community and benefits everyone around you. Supporting local craftsmen creates jobs and gives people the chance to work doing something they are passionate about.

On top of that, products created overseas are being shipped thousands of miles across the ocean. Imagine the extra carbon footprint that transportation adds to each item!

By keeping things more local, we avoid both the damage to the environment and the extra cost of transportation. It’s a win-win!

Support Your Neighbors
No Hidden Costs Caroline Perron Photography

No Hidden Costs

You might think that you got a killer deal on a cute set of dishes for your kitchen. But a few months (or even weeks) later, you realize that sale price came with hidden costs. The lovely pattern is fading or (heaven forbid!) peeling off the plates. Or perhaps you already broke two bowls in the dishwasher because the low-quality materials couldn’t withstand the hot water. 

That cheap set of dishes suddenly gets more expensive when you have to throw out the broken pieces (more waste!) and buy a new set. 

When you buy products from artisans who choose quality materials, you won’t face these hidden costs. Instead, you get a lovely set of dishes that you can use and enjoy for years.

Assembly Line vs Handmade

  • Lower Quality Materials Are Usually Chosen
  • Lower Life Duration
  • Less Attention to Details is Given
  • More Water Usage
  • Higher Carbon Footprint
  • Probably Made in a Distant Country
  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • High Quality Materials
  • Made to Last
  • Thoughtfully Design
  • No Inventory Excess
  • Usually Made Locally
  • Made in Small Batches
  • Unique

So, who would you rather buy your products from? A faceless, assembly line manufacturing company, or an artisan who takes genuine pride in their craft? 

We prefer the latter and are doing our part to bring you quality products crafted by skilled artisans. We invite you to browse our extensive collection of gorgeous, handmade, resilient items that you will be sure to treasure for a lifetime.

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